Cycling the Wetlands to „Little Venice“

[custom_font font_family=“Permanent Marker“ font_size=“35″ line_height=“26″ font_style=“normal“ text_align=“left“ font_weight=“300″ text_decoration=“none“ text_shadow=“no“]Ravenna’s Mosaics and Cycling the Wetlands to „Little Venice“[/custom_font]

Oct 31: afternoon transfer (approx. 45 minutes) to Ravenna and its 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ravenna was the last capital of the Western Roman Empire and home to more early Christian mosaics than any other city in Western Europe. We’ll enjoy a guided visit of the more famous mosaics and around the lively city center before enjoying dinner together. Overnight in Ravenna.

Nov 1: Pedal north out of Ravenna today, through wetlands with many flocks of flamingoes, grebes, ducks, geese and herons to the small lagoon town of Comacchio that between 700-946 AD was more powerful than Venice. Visit the fabulous museum that showcases a Roman boat and its perfectly embalmed cargo (olive oil and wine urns, bricks, jewelry and much more) that was excavated nearby. Built on 13 islands this town is now landlocked but surrounded by the Po River Delta and fresh water wetlands. Enjoy dinner together in our hotel.

Nov 2: We’ll transfer to the Bologna airport today.

Drivers: We will make private arrangements for people driving their own car to the conference.

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