Pre Conference Fam Trip

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Oct 26: arrive in Bologna airport by 12 noon and transfer to balsamic vinegar producer for a visit. Enjoy an easy bike ride to a nearby Agriturismo (working farm and country house hotel and restaurant) where we will spend the night, enjoying a home cooked meal with local produce. Not only is Emilia Romagna the region that produces culinary delicacies like Parma ham (prosciutto) and other delicacy cold cuts, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar, but it is also the home of homemade pasta! Buon appetito! Approx 22 km.

Oct 27: A morning visit to our working farm’s dairy shows the parmesan cheese process from cooking the milk to turning the wheels on a daily basis as the cheese wheels age up to 3 years. Taste the differences in the aged cheese, and then prepare to pedal on to the city of Parma where not only the culinary arts have flourished: Parmigianino, Corregio, and Giuseppe Verdi are some of its most famous citizens. Enjoy time in the historic center and delight your palate with Parma’s signature cured ham (prosciutto crudo) and Parmesan cheese, eaten at an aperitivo or perhaps sprinkled on homemade pasta dishes. Dinner included tonight. Mileage: 62 km. (Note: participants involved in the regional workshop will be transferred to Rimini this afternoon after the ride- 2.5 hrs transfer).

Oct 28 (for participants not involved in the regional workshop): Today’s ride will loop to the breath-taking castle of Torrechiara. Dominating the Val Parma, the castle was constructed between 1448 and 1460, devised as an instrument of defense as well as a distinguished home for the count and his lover. This area is famous for its cured prosciutto and local salame! Return to Parma and we’ll transfer to Cesenatico on the coast (approx. 2 hour transfer), where the CycleSummit conference begins officially with checking into the hotels and a seafood dinner. Mileage: 48 km (Note that we will do our best to allow for showers in Parma at the hotel before the transfer, but we cannot guarantee this as the hotel’s availability may not allow for it. Thank you for your understanding.)

Drivers: Please note if you are driving a car you can park at or near the Bologna airport and join our fam trip. During the transfer to Rimini or Cesenatico, we can drop you at the car parking and  you can then drive down on your own, or you can leave the car in Bologna and use our fam trip transfers to return to the parking after everything. Car parking cost is not included in the fam trips or conference costs.

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