Terra Bici Bike Hotels

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Oct 31: afternoon transfer to Hotel Sarti in Riccione (30 min transfer). 3 pm bike ride on Monte San Bartolo–80 km and 950 meter elevation gain. Aperitif along the way, a la carte dinner in hotel upon return.

Nov 1 and 2: Loop rides with cycling tour leader from the hotel into the surrounding hills and small villages. While this coastal city is mostly known for its beaches, its proximity to the hills and the Apennine mountains makes it a great cycling destination. Enjoy scenic rides to San Marino, an important city state perched high on rock cliffs, or up the valleys to castle towns and over stunning passes.

Nov 1: Riccione-Verucchio-San Marino (80-90 km with 1200 meters of elevation gain) with lunch in a traditional agriturismo. Return to Hotel in the afternoon for a la carte dinner. Nov 2: Castle loop of about 100 km and 1700 meter elevation gain, return to hotel for afternoon buffet and free afternoon. Dinner in hotel.

Nov 3: We’ll transfer to the Bologna airport today.

Drivers: We will make private arrangements for people driving their own car to the conference.

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