Conference Program

Thursday – Saturday, Oct 21-23:

Pre-Tour from Lourdes to the Pyrenees … see fam-trips!

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Saturday, Oct 23: Arrival and Dinner
  • Participants of the Pre-Tour Famtrip arrive in the afteroon
  • See how to get there – page and accommodation for more details
  • Dinner close by in a local restaurant. Starting 7 pm but you can join whenever you arrive!
  • Drinks at the bar until midnight…
Sunday, Oct 24: Cycling Tour
  • Opening ceremony in the theater of the hotel
  • Bus transfer to the Tarn region (45min)
  • cycling tour through the vineyards north of Gaillac
  • Local food and wine tasting 
  • Meet and greet with regional partners in the hotel atrium
Monday, Oct 25: CycleSummit conference
  • 9am – 5pm  in the Médiathèque José Cabanis
    • table exhibitions, 1:1 meetings.
  • Guided city tour to our special dinner spot in the evening
Tuesday, Oct 26: CycleSummit conference
  • 9am – 12pm in the Atrium of the Mercure Hotel
    • informal and open 1:1 sessions
    • workshops tba
  • 12pm checkout, walk through the Japanese Garden to have lunch in the Novotel
  • 2pm Departure to the airport / Post-Famtrips


If you are interested in organizing a workshop, round-table discussion about certain topics or have a presentation, let us know! 

Tuesday – Thursday, Oct 26-28:

Three different fam-trips in Lot, one in Hérault & Montpellier and one in Aude & Ariège … see fam-trips!