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E-Bike Tour over the hills of Imola

This tour starts at the Grand Hotel Terme in Riolo Terme and brings you directly to the first challenge of the day:

KM 3: Cima Gallisterna from Isola which is a climb that has been used in the 2020 Cycling World Championship. It is 2.7km long and bridges 188 vertical meters with an average gradient of 7.1%, resulting in a difficulty score of 195. The top of the ascent is located at 270 meters above sea level. On an E-bike this climb should not be a big problem.

KM 5-14: After the climb you can enjoy a long ride going slightly up and down, ending in Imola at the famous racetrack.

KM 14-27: After a coffee break at the racetrack the route goes uphill again before it hits the main road between Riolo Terme and Castel Bolognese.

KM 27-35: After a 5km meter along the main road the third climb of the day brings you directly to Tenuta Masselina, a fantastic wineyard where you can expect good wine and a light lunch

KM 35-47: The last kilometers are easy going and continue on a relatively flat road passing rural villages.

A short cut going along the main road back to Riolo Terme is also possible.  

Return to Grand Hotel: around 4-4.30pm

Roadbike Tour over the hills of Imola

This tour is almost identical to the E-Bike tour but you have to do it on a roadbike 🙂 and therefore an extra climb is included.

KM 27-35: While the E-Bike group continues on the main road, the road bike team can do an extra climb that is rewarded with another great view to the Ravenna region.

This tour is for sportive and experienced cyclists only! 

Leisure Bike & Hike tour

On this tour you will miss Imola and some of the peaks but it is less exhausting and can be done on a regular bike. 

KM 2: After only 100m climb you can keep going slightly downhill and enjoy a 8km ride through small villages. 

KM 10-12: A very short but also steep climb to the winery might be the only challenge for the day. No worries if you have to walk the bike.

At Tenuta Masselina you will arrive one hour before the other groups. The guides from the winery will invite you to a guided hiking tour through the vineyards and explain everything about wine, landscape and culture. We planned the wine tasting and lunch at 1pm when the other groups arrive.

KM 12-21: along the main road you take the short cut back to Riolo Terme before you hit the bikepath on KM 18. 

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