The Canal des Deux Mers by Bike

Cycle the Canal des Deux Mers, ride the Mediterranean, explore the ViaRhôna or hit the Grande Traversée du Massif Central on your mountain bike: which of these 4 amazing routes will you choose? They may cover the whole of France and even run into Europe but they spend a lot of time in Occitania too. 160-500 km : you’ll have bags of time to soak up our region’s scenery, incredible heritage, great hospitality and warm Southern French sunshine to boot !

The Green Ways

An easy bike ride for families, for a morning or the day, along one of the many Green Ways that give Occitania all its bucolic charm. A mountain-bike ride through magnificent landscapes with exciting emotions guaranteed. Themed trails of varying lengths to explore attractive villages and picturesque sites… All the joys of cycling can be savoured in Occitania in a thousand different ways.

Easy and pleasant rides for everyone

In Occitania, you can choose between some forty Green Ways for cyclists, ranging from 4 to 145 Km, at an easy level. These trails are adapted to bikes, often running along former railway lines, on cycle lanes or river embankments: you can ride without coming into contact with cars.

The Green Ways will take you past such landmarks as the Pont du Gard, historic landscapes including the Cathar Pyrenees or the Upper-Languedoc regional nature park.

You can see the Green Ways by region on the website of the French Association for the Development of Cycling Routes and Green Ways.