What happens after you signed-up to the CycleSummit?

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  • You can create your own profile that can be seen by other tour operators
  • Browse through the Tour Operator Directory and use the Direct Messenger for first contacts
  • Don’t hesitate to send us your questions by email oder give us a call: / +49 170 837 57 90

CycleSummit Membership

  • Membership valid until 12/2021 Members get free access to virtual meetings and online events and a 50€ discount for CS21. Further details see above.
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  • this is not necessary if you already received an invoice in 2019/2020
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Terms and Conditions


The goal of the CycleSummit Club is to connect the organizers, coordinators, sellers etc. of cycling tours as well as cycling destinations and other interested parties. This serves the exchange of ideas and should help the members to improve themselves and their offers in order to promote bicycle tourism.


Membership in the CS-Club is limited to persons and organizations that have an interest in cycling and cycle tourism and have paid their annual membership fee.


The duration of membership in the CS-Club is 12 months. These 12 months begin on the first of the month following registration. The membership is automatically renewed unless it is cancelled before the end of the 12-month term.  


The members of the CS-Club receive the following benefits based on their membership:

Members receive a discount of 50 € (once per company) for access to the upcoming CycleSummit.

The members get access to virtual events. These events can be free of charge or for an additional fee, in this case members get a special member price.

Members receive exclusive access to networking events, such as the ITB dinner.

The members get the opportunity to present themselves on the homepage of the CS-Club and to expand their network in this way. The members are responsible for the content with which they present themselves.

Payment and cancellation


The annual membership fee is due at the beginning of the term within a period of 14 days.


The membership can be cancelled annually. If no active cancellation is made, the membership is automatically renewed for another 12 months.