CycleSummit 2024
October 12-15th, 2024 Bern, Switzerland
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2024 Bern welcomes you

Welcome to CycleSummit Switzerland 2024!

Switzerland, a country renowned for its breathtaking mountains, pristine lakes, rich culture, and culinary delights, invites you to embark on a unique cycling adventure. While the nation offers a wide range of experiences, the heart of this cycling journey beats exclusively in Bern.

As the capital of Switzerland, Bern stands as a testament to history with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed old town and six kilometres of sheltered shopping arcades. Here, modernity harmoniously coexists with historical treasures, creating a vibrant urban landscape for your cycling adventure.

Join us in Bern for CycleSummit Switzerland 2024, where the essence of Switzerland, from its natural beauty to its cultural riches, comes together in the charming backdrop of the capital city.

What you can expect

About the CycleSummit

Since 2009, once a year international tour operators (buyer and seller) get together to meet, network, start new cooperations and businesses and share ideas and products.

Who attends?

90% of the participants are cycling tour operators, the majority is not only organizing tours but also interesting in buying new tours from others. 

The CycleSummit is also a place for regions to present their cycling products and all kind of cycling experts.

Can I only attend to one of the workshop days?

The framing program contains a lot of social activities that support networking and getting to know each other. If you miss this part the 1:1 meetings on Monday/Tuesday are by far less effective for you but also for the others. We do not give any discounts if you’re missing the weekend activities and highly recommend to join for the full program.

How is it organized?

We provide small tables where the 1:1 meetings can take place. These meetings are not scheduled so there’s plenty of time and no rush as we know it from big trade fairs. We’re doing slow-dating, no speed-dating. Due to the limited space in the conference venue we probably can’t provide a table for everyone, first come, first serve.

For the preparation of the meetings a detailed conference catalog will be sent out prior to the event, a print version will be handed-out at the event. Here you find all contact details and descriptions of the participants

Program (Oct. 12-15)

The Region

The picturesque region of Bern in Switzerland is known for its stunning alpine landscapes, charming medieval towns, and a rich cultural heritage.

more about the region and how to get there 

Program (Oct. 12-15th)

Here you can book directly your accommodation to the CycleSummit. these are already negotiated prices offered at very favourable conditions

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