CycleSummit 2023
October 7-10th, 2023 Riolo Terme, Emilia-Romagna (IT)
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2023: Emilia-Romagna

Cycling in Emilia Romagna is a wealth of opportunities for “bike enthusiasts”!

The destination is worldwide renowned for history, art, traditions, brands of the so called Made in Italy, food and wine treasures, fascinating itineraries between the Adriatic Sea and the Po Valley up to the hills and the picks of the Apennines and on the tracks of great cycling champions. A unique experience thanks to age long tradition in hospitality and welcome and synergies between scenery, heritage and excellent food and wine. This is why we chose Emilia-Romagna as the region for the next CycleSummit in 2023.

Riolo Terme is a small town very close to Imola and Faenza. It is famous for its’ thermal spa and medival centre. CycleSummit will take place in the Grand Hotel Terme which we booked exclusively as CycleSummit conference space, hotel and homebase for all days from October 7-10, 2023.

The 2023 edition will be organized together with our host and partners APT Servizi Emilia-Romagna, the IF Imola-Faenza Tourism Company, the Riolo Terme Cycling Hub and the well known cycle tour operator BikesPlus/CycleEurope.

CycleSummit also partners with Bikemap and Mhikes who offer digital solutions for cyclists and tour operators.

What you can expect

About the CycleSummit

Since 2009, once a year international tour operators (buyer and seller) get together to meet, network, start new cooperations and businesses and share ideas and products.

Who attends?

90% of the participants are cycling tour operators, the majority is not only organizing tours but also interesting in buying new tours from others. 

The CycleSummit is also a place for regions to present their cycling products and all kind of cycling experts.

Can I only attend to one of the workshop days?

The framing program contains a lot of social activities that support networking and getting to know each other. If you miss this part the 1:1 meetings on Monday/Tuesday are by far less effective for you but also for the others. We do not give any discounts if you’re missing the weekend activities and highly recommend to join for the full program.

How is it organized?

We provide about 87 tables where the 1:1 meetings can take place. These meetings are not scheduled so there’s plenty of time and no rush as we know it from big trade fairs. We’re doing slow-dating, no speed-dating. Due to the limited space in the Grand Hotel Terme we can’t provide a table for everyone!

For the preparation of the meetings a detailed conference catalog will be sent out prior to the event, a print version will be handed-out at the event. Here you find all contact details and descriptions of the participants

How many participants are registered?

147 participants, representing over 100 tour operators from 29 countries world wide are registered for the 2023 edition. 


The Region

From exploring characteristic medieval villages and cities of art to visiting thermal baths and enjoying local wines and products, there is a wealth of cultural and natural attractions to discover.

more about the region and how to get there 


8 Fam-Trips are offered and organized by the hosting region and their partners. The Fam-Trips can be booked by all tour operators who attend to the  CycleSummit 2023 in Riolo Terme. more…


The conference hotel GRAND HOTEL TERME has been fully booked with CycleSummit participants since December 22. Other hotels in Riolo Terme that we recommend for your stay: Hotel Antico Borgo, Hotel Cristallo, Hotel Franca, Hotel Senio, Hotel Serena

more informations: Accommodation