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Thursday, July 23 - 4pm CEST

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Ride With GPS

Route Planning for Tour Operators

Building a perfect route can be the backbone of a great experience for your customers. Using Ride with GPS’s industry leading route planner Tour Operators can customize routes to make a truly unique experience. 
In this presentation we’ll show you how to build a perfect route, easily make modifications and edits to that route, add custom cues to call out unique landmarks, lunch stops, and route information, and add Points of Interest for visual aids and additional information. We’ll also cover how to easily import and autotrace existing GPX files, review your cues for errors, and cover other important information we often see get overlooked. 
If you would like to learn how to use the world’s most powerful route planner to its fullest ability, this is the presentation for you.  

Thursday, July 16th - 4pm CEST

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My Easy Route

A white-label mobile app with your travel packages:
itineraries, points of interest, high quality maps, navigation.
All available in offline mode!
Powered by Webmapp

Wednesday, July 8th - 3pm CEST

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GDPR: A practical guide to reduce risks

Since 2018, every European company must follow strict privacy regulations. We take a look on the few things you should consider for your business
This webinar will give you a brief introduction of the GDPR. Implementing the rules is quite an effort but if you don’t, you have to live with the risk of getting sued. We talk about the middle way that could help you to reduce risks and also show your clients that their privacy is important to you.
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Beginn Wednesday Jul 8, 2020 15:00
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Thursday, June 25th - 4pm CEST

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Ride With GPS

The needs of the domestic client vary greatly from the traditional international client. The dometic client knows the language, the culture, and can often find their way around, but they need your help. They need the perfect cycling routes with detailed points of interest along the way. They need to know local recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and things to do. They need an easy way to access local history during their vacation. Using Ride with GPS Experiences you can create custom tour packages to deliver all this information and more to the domestic traveler in one, use to use app in any language you choose. 
In this presentation we’ll cover how you can use Experiences today to share 100% self guided tour packages to clients unlocking turn by turn voice navigation, local knowledge of history, restaurants, wineries, and more. 
Learn more about our Experiences option on our website:


Monday, June 15th - 4pm CEST

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Ride With GPS

Introduction to Ride with GPS for Tour Operators. 

Ride with GPS launched in 2007. Since then, the company has worked tirelessly to produce the best route planning and navigation software in the world. We offer a full featured website that allows you to plan routes using a number of different map overlays, points of interest markers, customized cues, routing optimizations, and features you won’t find anywhere else along with both iOS and Android apps that allow guests to navigate your routes with turn by turn voice navigation in any language.

In 2015, we launched our Tour Operator account to best serve the unique needs of the industry. The Tour Account gives you the tools you need to organize large route libraries, dynamically control access to your content, create customized tour packages, and share navigation features at no cost to your guests. This account is used by hundreds of tour companies all over the world. You can learn more about our Tour Account on our website:

In 2019, we released Experiences. Experiences includes all the valuable resources we offer in our Tour Account like voice navigation and offline maps with the added ability of customizing the app environment, streamlining access for guests, and including detailed itineraries mapping out all the import tour details accessible entirely offline. For companies that desire a completely branded app, Ride with GPS also offers white label options as well. Learn more about our Experiences option on our website:


Friday, June 12th - 11:30am CEST

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Your Brand Is Your Land

Many businesses value their tangible assets (such as property and equipment) higher than what gives them real value, such as their customer loyalty and uniqueness. Steve Dissects why a strong brand is so important for any size tourism operator

From Newcastle, Australia, Steve got his travel industry experience as the COO of London Bicycle Tour Company, and Director of – a global partnership of city bike tour operators. Since its inception in 2011, Cycle Cities has grown into a thriving, but close-knit network of 40 bike tour operators. In 2015 he started annual ‘Symposiums’ for Cycle Cities partner companies. Six symsposiums have so far been held (Berlin, London, Nice, Budapest, Munich and Athens).

Friday, June 5th - 2pm CET

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Implementation of new hygiene and safety standards

Sanitation, masks, keeping the distance … what do we need to think about? 

Let us share innovative ideas and help each other to find a feasible path between safety and yet great customer experience.

The meeting can be split into smaller groups depending on the number of participants.

Thursday, June 4th - 2pm CET

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How to conquer domestic markets

Many incoming tour operators face the questions how they can access domestic clients. This will be an open discussion organized for tour operators that depend on international clients. 

The meeting can be split into smaller groups depending on the number of participants.

Wednesday, May 27th

Meeting participants by May 22

In our first virtual meeting we welcome David Shields, Area Director of Welcome to Yorkshire, as our guest. He gives us an official statement about the postponement of the CycleSummit to 2021 and tells us a bit about the current situation in England.

Our second guest is the CEO of Bikemap, Matthias Natmessnig. Until today, more than 2.9 million users have created over 5 million unique cycling routes in 100+ countries worldwide.  Matthias offers us exclusive insights into the world of big data. Especially how the behaviour of cyclists has changed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.